Live Good With People

"I can honestly say that while I may not speak to someone every day or on a regular basis, and I may not be in a romantic relationship or even “Friendship” with someone any longer, I can still pick up the phone or text anyone with whom I’ve had a true relationship and have descent conversation with Love. Not necessarily a romantic love, rather a mutual respect because I don’t see a reason to ever part on bad terms, if I am able to prevent it. And I am. WE ARE...! 

Everyone has the ability to relate well with anyone we choose, even if they don’t really want to or feel in the mood, as it is up to us how we react and where the conversation and thus the relationship goes. This extends to all relationships whether romantic, friendship or familial. 

None of us is perfect, and of course we cannot always control what another may decide to do, but the effort is what counts. 

Live good with people!"

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