Share Love and do the Right Thing

I’ve found that no matter how much I share love or trust people, few have proven to deserve it. It’s unfortunate I cannot say something more positive, but I am being honest. Even though that’s the case, I’ve never been able to stop sharing love because I was born with the heart I have and can’t seem to prevent it from taking over. When I feel cold and dark, my heart eventually takes control and I continue to share love and do my best to do right by others; to my detriment! 

There will always be unloving, untrustworthy and even straight evil people in this world. Share love and do right by everyone around you even when they don’t reciprocate and even when it seems the unpopular way to live. Maybe the love you share will enlighten one or many and cause them to embrace and share love. At the very minimum, you will live knowing you have shared love and did right by yourself and others, and Karma has a way of taking care of us, Good and Bad! 

We have to do our best to embrace the love we have within and not be ashamed of it. Don’t let hate or bad mind cause you to fear the love you truly want to share. 

Continue to Live Good with People...

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